Our Service

 We specialize in wholesale of all kind of hardware accessories and we are also a well known aluminum fabrication manufacturer and exporter of wide range of aluminum and uPVC doors and windows accessories in india. Besides offering such high quality products, we also provide superior quality services to our customers. Our services include high quantity manufacturing capacity with shine finishing quality approved by Indian and UK government tread mark which is done by a highly skilled team of workers. We also have a well defined management system, which is equally responsible for our high standards. We are using highly managed transportation chain for delivery of goods to our customers in india and other countries like UK, Kenya, other African countries, European countries, Asia, USA and other part of the world with reasonable prices and in a timely manner.

 We are also providing third party tread services as per customer's requirement which including all the over the products for any company. We have collaboration with many multinational companies by which we can give best quality products in within reasonable price which will lover then direct from the company. We are also providing export facility in all over the world.